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Founder & CEO, Steve Bugiel

Founder & CEO, Steve Bugiel

“A Company You Can Trust”

We take pride in our services and inspect the home you are buying, like it was for a family member. For us, we take the time necessary to provide you with a complete and detailed inspection. and if you are at home, we do not mind spending time with you answering any question you may have at the end of our inspection, We actually look forward to reviewing the inspection with you. Earning over 30 years of customer satisfaction in the construction industry, we are very confident that you will be pleased with our services.

 As objective professionals, we believe every home inspection is like putting your future home through a complete physical exam. From top to bottom and inside and out, all the major systems, including structural components. Our vigorous inspection includes every aspect of home, such as foundation where we do a visual as well as  a measured inspection for any signs of movement or deflection.

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You can trust that our recommendations after the home inspection will be well thought out, providing you with the necessary information needed to make the right decisions regarding your prospective investment.

Our team at County Inspector Services understands that each home is unique

And we make it our priority to give you an exceptional experience, with a detailed, clear and concise, easy to read and understand home inspection.

In most cases, your more than likely to meet us on the day of your appointment.

In this industry, various inspectors have different qualifications that vary from experience, methods, equipment, reporting, and pricing.

Our inspections are done right

The first time- Every time!

Our job at County inspector services is to help you understand what it will take to maintain this particular home, as every house is unique, you can be rest assured that it will be safe and a dependable home for you and for family. we are well equipped to investigate hidden issues and problems in the home including water penetration, leaks and mold that cannot be seen.

If you are thinking of renting , buying, or building a home, have it properly inspected before making any financial commitments or final purchase by an experienced, qualified, and impartial licensed home inspection company like County Inspector Services.

We know we can provide you with piece of mind and confidence to make the right decision. 

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U.s Department
Moisture Intrusion
Certified Premium Home Inspection

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Starting Rate $ 275.00*Depending on square footage
When you hire County Inspection Services, you will receive an in-depth inspection of your entire home which includes all the vital components like the foundation, roof, chimney, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, appliances, termite protection and the overall general structure of the interior and exterior of the home. We provide Homeowners resource protection as part of our inspection service through Inspector Services Group, our free service covers the 90 Day warranty on a variety of items throughout your home including appliances, sewer, water, mold to name a few.
We also can provide you with a full concierge service to take a little bit of the stress off of moving, let us take care of getting the best prices for cable TV, Internet, electric, and water services or any other requests you may have. With all the premium services we offer at no additions costs to you the buyer, County Inspector Services is in the leading top 10% of our industry, which makes us proud to serve you. Be sure to check out the service posted on our website here.

Mold Inspection

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Rate $125.00 Additional $60.00 per. each lab test

We use one of the most the trusted laboratory facilities (Inspector Labs) to analyze our on-site samples taken from your premises. Inspector labs provides a “Mold Accuracy Guarantee”, this provides up to $ 3,000.00 for remediation if there is any visible mold within 90 days after County Inspection Services has submitted the final laboratory reports to you in regards to your home’s condition, indicating there are no visible mold or problematic mold counts in the air.
You can go to our Mold Consulting Page for more information.



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Rate $ 225.00

We have been trained by the U.S. Department of Energy to assess the condition of your home in regards to energy usage. We have the tools and know how to show you the necessary improvements to your home required to help you save every year on your energy bills while lowering your carbon footprint. Our detailed report is presented to you in person so we can inspect with you any items in your home that are questionable and explain to you the necessary solutions to make your home more energy efficient.

Infrared Thermography Inspection

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Rate – Starting at – $ 225.00
At County Inspector Services as part of our specialty and innovative tools for home inspection. We conduct Infrared Thermography inspections in areas where it is impossible to see with a visual inspection. This specialty tool provides the necessary information to help us detect pipe leaks, energy loss locations in the home, as well as hot spots from overloaded electrical wires and receptacles.

Examples of Infrared Themography

Moisture Intrusion Inspections

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Rate – Starting at $ 155.00 *price is based on square footage plus additional labs if required.

County Inspector Services is dedicated to doing one thing: Finding and Preventing
moisture sources which lead to mold and fungus growth. Our Moisture Intrusion Specialist shall inspect every area of your home looking for deficiencies, identifying where moisture can penetrate and providing the instructions to prevent this from happening in the future. Our methods are non-intrusive, take little time and we’re available for the fast paced real estate transaction. If we see any suspected areas we can take samples and have lab results within 24 hours.

If you suspect your current home making you sick, contact County Inspector Services before other inspection companies to save time and money. We are prompted, professional, and have that sense of urgency to make sure your home is safe and healthy for you and your loved ones. We find the sources of moisture and the mold, have the samples analyzed within 24 hours and provide you details of the results. Refer you to one of partnering remediation companies and return later to retest to make sure that the problem has been corrected.


Wood destroying Organism Inspection

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Rate $ 225.00 * varies on square footage

At CIS we will send one of our expert inspectors out, he will come to your property, identify and report on the issue, then refer you to the right company to take care of those needs. After you hire CIS you don’t have to worry as we work independently from the companies that treat for these type of pest control issues. Our reports are facts you can make a decision on as we won’t be trying to sell you our pest control services after a report we’ve written.

Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

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County Inspector Services will do a yearly inspection of all systems of your home giving you a list of things to do or repair in order of importance. Our list shall include estimated prices for services or maintenance items and repairs you can do yourself. We can help you maintain your home year after year and keep records of your repairs to help you manage your home maintenance.

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This is my promise to you.

In most cases, your more than likely to meet us on the very day of our appointment. Every inspector is different having various qualifications, experience, ways of conducting an inspection, including reporting methods, along with pricing.

Most importantly, it’s up to the individual inspector’s personal effort and focus to wanting to give you the very best inspection service. At County Inspector Services you can expect the same high quality service and reports every time from any County Inspector team member. 

You can trust us, at County Inspector Services every team member knows the importance of 100% quality service, our system of home inspection works, it’s what we do, every day, of the year. We insure that you’re comfortable and confident through the entire process. Right from the first phone call to the final report presented to you and to the future Correspondence we may have. It would be a pleasure serving you, and I know you will be very happy with our service.

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