commercial inspection

Professional Inspections for Commercial Builings &
Luxury Residential Properties

County Inspector Services offers inspection services for commercial properties and larger
residential estates, including resort properties to assess the overall condition and related risks for
owners, sellers, buyers, managers, HOA, and lease holders.

Examples of Properties we inspect


Restaurants, Storage facilities, Office Complexes,
Warehouse, Strip Malls, Apartment Buildings, Schools,
Churches, Retail Buildings, Manufacturing Buildings,
Medical Centers, Resort Homes, and High End Residential

Inspection Services Provided

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Inter Nachi CPI

Commercial Property Inspection, Pre-listing Sellers
Inspection, Buyer’s Inspection, Limited Scope
Inspections, Insurance Inspections, Lab Testing and
Evaluation, Mold Inspection, Annual Maintenance
Inspections, Thermal Imaging, and High End Residential
Property Inspection

County Inspector Services can provide an inspection service
that can yield significant cost savings to buyers at the time
of pre-purchase, pre-lease negotiation and in terms of
liabilities avoided when the information from the inspection
is properly used and in the early stage of transaction.

Save Time & Money!

County Inspector Services can handle
every type of inspection from electric and
plumbing, to structural, from the ground
up. This removes the stress of having to
communicate with a number of
contractors, saving you time and money.
It’s easy, one call to us and we’ll take
care of everything. We’ve inspected all
types of buildings.

Specialized Inspections

Also we provide specialized “Reserved
Studies” for condo or HOA neighborhoods
enabling planning for an adequate reserve
fund for future repairs and timely
improvements of their property for several
years period.

Our Inspectors will help you walk into a
completely informed

Tenant Inspection

Our rental property inspection
service will give you a detailed
understanding and provide you
with the necessary resources
with regards to the property’s
condition enabling you to make
the correct decision when
evaluating properties to lease
for your business. We are here
to help you prime your
business for success.


It is imperative prior to signing a lease to
reduce your liability. The most typical
commercial leases in Southern California
are triple net leases. A triple net lease
transfers all the responsibilities of
property repairs, building insurance, and
maintenance work to the lessee, in
addition to rent and utilities. Any repairs
during the lease, and including at the
end of lease are the sole responsibility of
the lessee covering all costs associated
to any repairs that the building needs.

You choose the building that will best
your business for the future

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What to Expect From a
County Inspector Services

Expect a quick response to any inquiry either by phone,
text, SMS, email, or when you book an online inspection.

Our commercial inspectors work directly with you or your representative from proposal
development to final delivery of the completed inspection. Every project is unique and
depending on the complexity of the inspection, our inspectors may call on our specialized
team of experts from structural engineers to elevator specialists.

Expect a detailed and thorough inspection process that uncovers what others miss. The
property report shall be a complete assessment and inventory of the property’s condition,
including estimated costs and a timeline for repair and/or replacement. Every major issue
shall be outlined, concise, and detailed. We shall provide you with a printed summary
report including photographs. You or your representative will be able to discuss the
summary report with our inspector.

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