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Mold is natural occurring, and is an essential part of our environment. In
the outdoors they break down dead organic matter. But indoors, molds are a potential toxic threat and their growth should be prevented.

Mold spores release air borne mycotoxins with a multitude of other fungal fragments. A myriad of health problems can be caused to people who have been exposed by inhaling or touching these mycotoxins released by the mold spores in buildings that have allowed mold to proliferate.

Mold exposure may create some of the following symptoms:
Chest congestion and allergies, chronic coughing, fatigue. In some cases along with irritation to the lungs, eyes, skin, nose and throat, “hypersensitivity pneumonitis” is experienced by individuals, this condition makes the person feel like they have flu-like symptoms such
as chills, weakness, cough, fever, muscle pains and shortness of breath.

The most common fungus and mold found in buildings and houses are those that have had water infiltration of some sort, for example plumbing- broken pipes, sewage backups, roof leaks,humidity, condensation and the most obvious flooding. The ideal conditions for mold growth are high moisture levels, and mold can start growing indoors when its spores float inside from the outdoors and land on surfaces that are damp. Mold that gets established can gradually destroy the things it grows on. Many household and building construction materials are susceptible to mold which thrives on drywall, ceiling tiles, carpets, wall paper, paper products, furniture, fabrics, insulated pipes, insulation material on wood, etc

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County Inspector Services has the tools and expertise to provide appropriate and effective solutions to air quality and mold manifestations in any type of building. Our inspectors are certified who pride themselves on performing comprehensive, detailed, and thorough mold investigations using state-of-the art techniques, following industry accepted specifications and procedures We begin by conducting an in-depth interview with the owner or owner representative, assessing the areas of concern. This is followed by a visual inspection, temperature readings and measuring the moisture and humidity in the air.


We take air samples, collecting from the exterior and the interior of the building and if required we shall take surface samples, especially when the interior building humidity is high with no mold present. All samples from the inspection are laboratory tested. The lab results are then analyzed along with the visual inspection. The final report shall indicate preventative measures required to control unwanted moisture intrusion and eliminating potential mold growth, saving you money along with avoiding possible health problems.

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