Sterve Bugiel

Founder & CEO, Steve Bugiel

Steve Bugiel, CEO,

County Inspector Services

With over 35 years of practical experience in the construction industry from framing, roofing, to kitchen and bath remodeling and in combination with studies in construction theories, I can provide you with the comfort and confidence in knowing that the home I’m inspecting for you shall be thorough and detailed. I can help guide you through the things that are critical and go over all aspects of the home from what needs to be repaired immediately or an item that can be taken care of at a future date.

I take my service to you seriously by continued education, every month I allot a certain amount of hours to study with the internationally accredited “InterNACHI” otherwise known as the “International Association of Certified Home Inspectors”. Their high standards of practice and code of ethics are superior and unmatched in the industry. InterNACHI provides me with all the latest developments in the industry allowing me to always perform my services above and beyond my customers’ expectations. My goal is to be a leader in home inspections, exemplified by my exceptional service to you.


I am a firm believer in giving and donating time for important and worthwhile organizations in our communities, like the Knights of Columbus. The biggest satisfaction comes from life coaching youths to help build a stronger future for them resulting in a benefit to the entire community. I have served others through Christ for almost 20 years in San Diego County.

Being a full time father I enjoy all of life’s surprises the relationship with my child presents and especially when I can just be “Dad”. My favorite days with my child are at the beach, surfing, scuba diving (I am a certified diving instructor) and just playing or relaxing on the sand.


You will find that I am a very easy going individual, prompt, responsible and hard working. I look forward to meeting you.